Powder Coating

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Powder Coating

About Architectural Finish Systems, Inc.

Architectural Finish Systems, Inc. is located in a 31,000 square foot building in Clearwater, Florida. Our facility can accommodate trucks and tractors with oversize loads and has crane and material handling equipment up to 40,000 lbs. We specialize in job shop powder coat services with emphasis on quality and performance and with quick turnaround.

We can perform high volume jobs on our 950’ automated line, over-size jobs in our 60’ batch oven, and small volume jobs in unique colors. We have the ability to meet and exceed the industries most stringent performance and appearance specifications. These include meeting American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) specifications AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 & AAMA 2605.

Automated Line
The Automated Line is 950’ in length which accommodates a part with weight of up to 75 pounds per hook and overall dimension of up to 84” height, 38” width, and 24’ length.

Cure Oven of 165’ capable of achieving 550 degrees F.
Five (5) stage automated washer.
Dry off oven.
Primary powder spray booth with two (2) manual spray stations and up to eight (8) automated spray guns.
The Secondary spray booth has two (2) manual spray stations to spray primer or initial coat.
Infrared station to gel cure first coat from secondary booth before part enters primary spray booth. All spray is done in an Environmental Room.

Batch Cure Area
The oven is capable of accommodating a part profile of 60’ long, 11.5’ high, & 11’ wide
Manual five (5) stage washer to accommodate above part profile.
The sixty (60) foot Batch Cure Oven is capable of achieving 550 degrees F.
The batch spray booth has up to 4 manual guns capable of accommodating a part of above profile.

In-house Sandblast Facility
The part profile is up to 24’ length, 8’ Height, and 12’ Width.
Primary blast medium is aluminum oxide.

On-site Welding
Welding to include all metals with both MIG and TIG capabilities.

Our Powder Coating Facility includes:

60' Batch Oven

950' Automated Spray Line & Oven

On-site Sandblasting

Experienced Fabricators

Approved Kynar® Applicator

Florida Powder Coating

Casual Patio Furniture Restoration


Powder coating delivers Efficiency, Economy, Energy Savings, Environmental Compliance, and Excellence of Finish.
The right choice in finishing to meet today’s demanding manufacturers and consumers.